About Us

We are Fabko

For over 60 years, Fabko- a family owned and operated business, has been an international manufacturer and supplier of premium fabrics, with a specialized focus on providing high-quality table linens for clientele in the hospitality, event planning, and retail sectors. Our clients range from resorts, casinos, hotels, senior living communities, restaurants, wedding venues, and airlines. Our unique blends of poly and poly-cotton fabrics are celebrated for their style and durability, made possible by years of testing and understanding the needs of our clients. Our direct involvement in the design, composition, dyeing, and finishing processes of our fabrics allows us to ensure that quality and innovation are woven into every phase of the production cycle. With a full-time presence in 2 continents spanning over 10 countries, our integrated operation allows us to cater to the specific needs of our clients while offering competitive pricing and expedited fulfillment timelines. For all of your table linen needs, Fabko will deliver quality products and service, straight from our mill to your table.